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- Road transport of general goods;

- Road transport of full goods;

- Road transport of goods in groupage (using its own warehouses in Romania and Czech Republic);

- Specialised Transport: oversized, ADR, air, ferry reservations;

- Storage and handling of goods in our own warehouses;

- Custom clearance services;

Our partners and clients list includes some of the most potent companies that operates in Romania and
all across Europe: 

Arad Headquarters
Str. Poetului, nr. 1C, Parc Industrial UTA, Hala 13B_1 
310345 Arad, Romania.
Phone: +40 257 210 004 
Fax: +40 257 210 006 
E-mail: Contact Us

Bucharest Office
Str. Drumul intre Tarlale, nr. 150-174, cladirea C,
et. 1, biroul 2, sector 3, Bucuresti, Romania.
Phone: +40 31 4379189 
Fax: +40 31 4379759 
E-mail: Contact Us

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