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We perform handling / storage / collection / distribution operations at our warehouses in Arad.

The program is flexible, Monday to Sunday (inclusive) between  8:00 a.m and 10:00 p.m.
Our motto being quality therefore we already have stable partners such as : MB Czech Import Logistic SRL, Karol Kundicz Crusar, Gopet Romania, MB Czech Import Logistic SRL, Lorry Internationale Spedition & Logistik GMBH, etc.

Together with our partner, MB CZECH IMPORT LOGISTICS SRL, we own a warehouse in Czech Republic
at - 77900 Olomouc.


Arad Headquarters
Str. Poetului, nr. 1C, Parc Industrial UTA, Hala 13B_1 
310345 Arad, Romania.
Phone: +40 257 210 004 
Fax: +40 257 210 006 
E-mail: Contact Us

Bucharest Office
Str. Drumul intre Tarlale, nr. 150-174, cladirea C, et. 1, biroul 2, sector 3, Bucuresti, Romania.
Phone: +40 31 4379189 
Fax: +40 31 4379759 
E-mail: Contact Us

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